A warm welcome.

To the iF Design Foundation.

As a charitable foundation, we are dedicated to design as an influential element of education and culture, science and business. We want to stimulate discourse on the understanding of interdisciplinary design, pass on knowledge and insight and fill them with life, offer space for discussion and promote dialogue between the actors.

Around the world in 80 questions.

Looking, thinking and discussing outside the box.

In 2019 and 2020 we were organizing academic conferences at home and abroad. The question of future education for creative people seems more important to us than ever. How can designers better develop their potential in a way that helps society, industry and politics to create a better world?

We have formulated 80 questions on the future of design education.

Online learning and artificial intelligence will soon be able to address the specific strengths and weaknesses of all students in a more targeted and effective way than any professor. But can artificial intelligence convey an attitude and ethos to young people? Can it replace the emotional and social intelligence of teachers? And is that what we want?

And how does true innovation take place when the role of creative chance, which has a hand in almost all revolutionary inventions, is algorithmised away?

We look forward to some inspiring answers.

Looking beyond the horizon with our fellow human beings and the big picture in mind. Responsible, goal-oriented and consistent. With depth, clarity, seriousness and intensity. This is the contribution the iF Design Foundation wants to make.