There are few professions that undergo such fast-paced change as that of designers. That’s why the iF Design Foundation is dedicated in this and in the coming year to the topic of the “Future of Design Education”. In four hearings lasting several days, it wanted to go around the globe with experts from industry, universities of various disciplines and NGOs to describe and discuss a possible picture of the tasks of the designers of the future and the requirements profile for their training and education.

Conferences “The future of
design education“

How should design education be structured in a way that design graduates can work
effectively in the future? To what extent is the current training still applicable – or does it need to go in a completely new direction? If a new type of design college was founded tomorrow, which could fully draw on new sources of inspiration without being restricted by any consideration for old structures – what content and methods would be taught there?

A catalog of 80 widely diverse questions based on an international study served as an
inspiration and guideline for the hearings – both developed by Prof. Dr. René Spitz,
Professor of Design Science and Communication Management at the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (RFH), who is the moderator of the first event in Germany.

Our Conferences